Yanti Hexin Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is an advanced company engaged in research and development, manufacturing, sale and service of solid-liquid separators. We have been devoted to solid-liquid separation for more than 20 years, and we have been sticking to the operation principles of “Customer First, Quality of Craftsmanship, and Professional Service” all along. This helps us take the lead in the solid-liquid separation industry.

Company Equipment6 Great Advantages
Dedicated, focused, professional to enable nuclear credit to help you succeed
  • Large throughput for up to 365 days of continuous operation

    The fixed vacuum box is used, the ring rubber belt is dragged by the motor to run continuously on the vacuum box, and the filter cloth is applied to the tape and runs synchronously.

  • Low failure rate and low maintenance costs

    When the vacuum chamber is connected to the vacuum system, a vacuum filtration zone is formed on the tape, and the vacuum environment has low loss of equipment and reduces the failure rate.

  • Low moisture content of filter cake and low solid content of leachate

    The filter is filtered through the transverse grooves on the tape and enters the vacuum chamber by a small hole, and the solid particles are intercepted on the filter cloth to form a filter cake

  • plc+ touch screen + automatic valve control

    Filtration equipment using plc+ touch screen + automatic valve control
    High degree of automation for unattended

  • Solid Liquid separation Environmental protection standards

    Using the function of vacuum pressure difference and the hydrophilicity of ceramic plate, so as to achieve the purpose of solid-liquid separation

  • Compact structure with small footprint

    The company's equipment structure is reasonable, in order to ensure the effect while minimizing the volume and weight, and strive to reduce investment costs for customers


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