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PBF Mobile Disc Filter
PBF Mobile Disc Filter
PBF Mobile Disc Filter PBF Series Continuous Horizontal Vacuum belt filter is our factory in the reference, absorption and digestion of foreign advanced level filter technology based on the development of a continuous automatic operation of high-efficiency solid-liquid separation machinery....

Device Introduction:

PBFMobile Disc FilterIs my factory in the reference, absorption and digestion of foreign advancedRubber Belt Horizontal Vacuum filterOn the basis of technology, an efficient and continuous automatic operation is developed.Solid Liquid Separation Equipment。 Its feeding, filtration, washing, slag removal, cleaning filter cloth can be automatic continuous operation, can achieve relatively high production efficiency. This machine can not only carry on the thin layer rapid filtration, also can carry on the flat flow washing and the countercurrent washing. Models can be flexibly assembled, not only can change the filter area, washing area, suction length, but also stepless change belt speed, can be widely adapted to the inherent filtration performance of various materials and its different separation process requirements. Vacuum filter plate, vacuum switch valve and so on are pneumatic control, smooth and reliable operation, vacuum balance discharge tank using the method of timing release vacuum discharge liquid, discharge separation effect is absolutely reliable, long-term do not need maintenance. Compared with other vacuum filters, the moisture content of the filter cake can reduce the 6-7%. Long service life, simple operation, greatly reduce the labor intensity, low energy consumption, easy maintenance, can greatly save washing water, and so on, and reasonable price.


Device Advantages:

The equipment shows its unique advantages under the conditions of industrial and mining, and has achieved remarkable economic benefits. As a result of a number of improvements, the filter from the anticipation of slag removal, from filtration to washing, from segmented liquid to separation of discharge, from the filter belt correction anti-wrinkle to process operation, as well as manufacturing process and other aspects tend to improve, can meet the requirements of users in a wider range.

Equipment Features:

1, compact structure, light weight, total weight reduced by 20%-30%.

2, filter disk operation and filter belt operation can ensure synchronous motion, synchronization error is less than 2mm.

3, filter disk return speed, effective operation time is long.

4, the control system is the application of advanced frequency converter, vacuum filter can not only run at low speed but also high-speed operation, can adapt to a variety of filtration process requirements. The system runs stably and reliably and has simple maintenance and long service life.