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Performance characteristics and specification requirements for precision tubular filters
Edit:Yanti Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-01-10

Precision Tubular FiltersIn the process of stopping the operation of the lining will be around the hive type filter and Melt spray filter, in the stop use is mainly used for its domestic water, printing and dyeing, textile, electronics and environmental protection industries such as consumer water filtration, alcohol filtration, pharmaceutical filtration, acid and alkali filtration, anti-immersion ro membrane Front security filtration, large flux, low cost of consumables , internal and external table pickling passivation disposal.

 Precision Tubular FiltersIn the process of stopping manufacturing is mainly the use of its molded filter material, the original liquid of the entire equipment is through its filter material, its filter slag will remain on the wall of the filter material, in the process of operation of its filter through the filtration material outflow, so as to reach the purpose of filtration. Under normal conditions, the molded filter material has filter plate, sintering filter tube, wire winding filter, filter cloth, filter, spray filter, microporous filter and multi-function filter.

   Precision Tubular FiltersIn the stop application will be due to the different filter material and the pore size of the filter is not the same, in the stop use of its equipment is mainly between the sand filter and ultrafiltration between a filter, in the stop use of its filtered aperture in the ordinary condition will be in the 0.1-120μm range. The same way of filter material, according to the shape of the size and divided into different specifications.

Features of precision tubular filters

Cylindrical shell, 304, 316L stainless steel, optional carbon steel and resin shell, with single or multiple filter cartridges.

Specifications for Precision Tubular filters

1. Number of filter cartridges: Single or multiple filter cartridges.

2. Filter Length: Single, two, three, four sections (every 10 ″ is a section).

3. Filter Device mode: International general flat pressure type, card type and insert type.

4. Cylinder and base connection mode: Fast open type, flange type.

5. Media inlet and outlet connection mode: Fast opening type, threaded type, Falan type.

6. Filter media: liquid, gas.

Performance characteristics of precision filters

1. High filtration accuracy, average cartridge aperture.

2. Filter resistance is small, flux is large, the decontamination can be strong, the application life is long.

3. Filter data is high cleanliness, no pollution to the filter medium.

4. Acid, alkali and other chemical solvents.

5. Strong strength, high temperature resistance, filter is not easy to deform.

6. Cheap price, low operating costs, easy to clean, filter cartridges can be changed.

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