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Operating procedures for belt dewatering machines
Edit:Yanti Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-01-10

Belt dewatering MachineOperating Procedures

1. Open the sealing water valve.

2. Open the flushing filter cloth valve.

3. Start the filter host, so that the tape slowly run, 15-30 minutes to check the pair of tape, check the filter cloth on and wrinkle, to ensure the free rotation of the tape.

4. Start the vacuum pump. (Note: Open the sealed water overflow valve before starting, check whether there is overflow, such as no overflow open sealed water inlet valve, find overflow after closing the inlet valve, start the vacuum pump, open the inlet valve control flow is not less than 4m3/h, open the cooling water valve, vacuum pump operation when the overflow valve open or close does not affect)

5. Open the valve of the feed device and adjust the slurry to the desired flow rate.

6. If the filter cake needs to be washed, it should gradually open the washing water valve with the stable formation of the filter cake.

7. According to the thickness, moisture and movement of the filter cake, adjust the filter belt speed, feed quantity and filter cake washing water, and according to the specific product requirements, adjust the required parameters. (Note: Control filter cake thickness does not exceed 30mm)

8. When all the filter cake row unloaded, should carefully observe whether the filter cloth is blocked, observe the cleaning nozzle, to ensure that it is not blocked, to ensure that they thoroughly clean the filter cloth.

9. Check the vacuum table readings. Filter cloth stable operation for a period of time, when all the conditions unchanged, such as the vacuum is greatly reduced when the air short circuit, into the vacuum device, please refer to the "insufficient vacuum" content for inspection.

10.Belt dewatering MachineWhen downtime, follow the following procedures:

(1) Close the cyclone and stop the feed.

(2) When the last part of the filter cake row unloaded, continue to run the filter, at least so that the filter cloth can be transferred three to five laps or until the filter cloth thoroughly cleaned.

(3) Stop the drive of the filter.

(4) Turn off the filter cloth flushing water, filter cake washing water and tape seal lubrication water.

(5) Turn off the vacuum pump and turn off the sealed water cooling. (Note: If the vacuum pump needs to be suspended for more than three days, the drain valve should be opened to drain the water in the vacuum pump and close the drain valve)

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