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What is the working principle of Vacuum belt dewatering machine?
Edit:Yanti Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-01-10

VacuumBelt dewatering Machineis a kind of dewatering equipment that takes time to suck slurry, and is a kind of equipment which has transverse opening groove equipment on the belt, and lets the vacuum separator enter the separation equipment, because the gas is pumped away by vacuum, then the liquid enters the filter receiving tank, then the concrete working principle is what, Today's small series for everyone to interpret the relevant aspects of common sense, come together to see it!

Principle: The purpose of dehydration is achieved by vacuum suction slurry. The slurry is fed into a vacuum.Belt dewatering MachineFilter cloth, the filter cloth is transmitted through a heavy rubber belt, which is slotted horizontally and has a through hole in the middle to enable the liquid to inhale the vacuum box. The filter and air are pumped to the vacuum tube at the same time, the filter in the vacuum filter collection tube enters the gas-liquid separator for gas and water separation, the top outlet of the gas-liquid separator is connected with the vacuum pump, and the gas is pumped away by the vacuum pump. The separated leachate enters the filter receiving tank from the bottom outlet of the gas-liquid separator. The slurry through vacuum suction through the forming area, flushing area and drying area to form a qualified filter cake, in the unloading area into the discharge tank from the transporter belt machine into the gypsum warehouse.

VacuumBelt dewatering MachineAlso known as fixed vacuum chamber rubber belt filter; is a new, efficient and continuous operation of solid-liquid separation machinery and equipment based on the introduction, digestion and absorption of foreign similar product technology, and it is also a kind of mechanical equipment to make full use of material gravity and vacuum suction to realize solid-liquid separation.

In the structure of the vacuum area arranged along the horizontal direction, the use of the length of the vacuum zone can be continuously completed filtration, washing, suction and other different processes, with high filtration effect, large production capacity, good washing effect, wide application range, simple operation, smooth operation, easy maintenance and so on, especially suitable for filtering solid phase particles coarse, The density and filter cake need to wash the suspension slurry more than once, can be widely used in metallurgy, mining, chemical, paper, food, pharmaceutical and environmental protection and other industrial sectors of solid-liquid separation, especially in wet flue gas desulfurization (FGD) Gypsum dehydration has a good application.

Above, is about the working principle of Vacuum Belt machine, do not know how much help people know such a device, if you want to know more about the knowledge of the first insider products, you can pay attention to small accounts, I will not regularly update the relevant aspects of common sense.