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Operating principle, characteristics and application of precision tubular filter
Edit:Yanti Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-01-10

Precision Tubular FiltersOperating principle, characteristics and application

In general, the shell of the precision tubular filter is made of high quality stainless steel material, and some of the filter elements inside the equipment are mainly selected by PP melt spray, wire burning, folding, titanium filter and other tubular filter cartridges. For the user, when selecting, the appropriate filter elements should be selected according to different filter media and condition requirements.

Only in this way can we guarantee that afterPrecision Tubular FiltersFiltration of water quality to meet the accuracy requirements. At present, the equipment is mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage, brewing, water treatment, petroleum, printing and dyeing and environmental protection and other fields. It can be said that the equipment in the various types of liquid filtration and clarification and other work has played an important role.

Compared to other generic devices, the use of thisPrecision Tubular FiltersNot only can obviously improve the accuracy of filtering, but also can guarantee a long time to use. Because its structure design is reasonable, so its size is small and the quality is light, the user is more convenient when moving and maintaining. In addition, the user can also choose the protective cover plastic shell or aluminum alloy shell as needed.

This precision tubular filter device also has a very special place, that is, it is through the three-stage sectional purification treatment to complete the filtration operation. Therefore, the equipment can be used in different suspension of solid-liquid separation occasions, whether it is medicine, food, or chemical industry, environmental protection and other industrial fields, you can see the figure of the device.

Of course, in some coating class work occasions, or in fine chemicals and other fields, we can also be applied to tubular filters to complete different separation operations.