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Principle and control measures of tailings dry drainage technology
Edit:Yanti Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-01-10

Tailings Dry rowTechnical principles and Characteristics:

After a certain process will be ore-dressing discharge of the tailings to complete dry materials and water. Dahua separation, dry materials can be transported to the tailings yard storage, water can be returned to the factory application. The main methods of water drying of tailings are pressure filtration, vacuum filtration, multi-segment dense and sedimentation tank.

Tailings Dry rowTechnology can greatly reduce the amount of tailings, effectively improve the rate of backwater application. Because the water content of dry pile tailings is low, waste mining pits and so on can be used as yard, but also can be stopped and stacked in the existing wet discharge tailings reservoir, but under the same storage conditions can effectively prolong the application life of tailings reservoir. But the early equipment investment of tailings dry reactor is relatively high, and the disposal of domestic equipment can be limited, the quality is poor, the demand is often repaired and maintained, and it needs to be used carefully in the rainy area of the south.

Tailings Dry rowOf management measures:

1) Thickener + Cyclone + Belt filter (belt filter can be regarded as a modification of cylinder filter) The Process equipment combination system can be consumed continuously, suitable for medium coarse granular tailings, but the consumption operation is high, the cost is high, the investment is large, the water content of conventional products is 15%~18% tailings, one of the products of sorting operation in mineral processing, The content of its useful ingredients. Low, under the current technical and economic conditions, it is not appropriate to further the separation of the mine, also become. End tailings. Ingredient content. Low does not represent value. Low. Tailings are an important treasure widely regarded by experts as having great potential for excavation and high application two times. Leaving aside the value of the benefits it can bring without looking, the massive accumulation of tailings needs to have a large tailings reservoir that will form. Large environmental pollution, but also easy to form tailings dam collapse accident, bring peace hidden danger. Therefore, tailings dry drainage equipment, urgent. Tailings dry drainage equipment is a new new tailings disposal technology which has been gradually raised in China in recent years, which refers to the tailings slurry output by the ore dressing process after multi-stage concentration, and then by dewatering vibrating screen and other dewatering equipment disposal, constitute small water content, easy to precipitate curing and application site storage slag, slag can be transferred to a fixed location to stop dry storage