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Yantai Nuclear letter tells you about common faults in tailings dry sieve
Edit:Yanti Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-01-10

But any device that has been in use for a long time always presents one problem or another. Common problems tailings dry drainage manufacturersYantai Nuclear LetterDo a simple collation, if the customer encountered a simple can deal with the problem can be my quick processing.

1. Poor dehydration effect

Reason: improper operation, mesh infarction, fine particles in the sieve material increase and water increase, so that the sieve material layer is too thick, the feed is not equal. Treatment: Tighten the sides of the screen; mechanical problems at the end of disposal, can come for a period of reverse rotation, in order to improve the quality of screening.

2, can not start or the amplitude is too small

Treatment: Check electrical accessibility, motor damage, whether the voltage is lacking, if there is no problem, can be checked from the machine, see the tailings dry discharge screen on the sieve surface of the material can accumulate too much, is to purge, cleaning and maintenance exciter, and then properly adjust the eccentric axis aggravating block or the position of the sub-eccentric block.

3. Abnormal material activity on the sieve surface

Reasons and treatment: the lack of stiffness of the sieve box, the existence of a critical frequency, the connecting bolts have been loosened, to the level of full vibration, that is, fastening, the horizontal degree of the sieve box is not found, from the support foot spring support seat or spring itself to find shortcomings, change the spring or change the size of the support, but also may screen mesh If the continuous stiffness of the sieve box, the horizontal degree does not find the correct, will form a beam fracture, if still in operation will also make the material activity abnormal. There may also be improper operation, that is, feeding. Imbalance is also one of the reasons.

4, the noise is too large

may be bearing damage, bolt loosening, beam fracture and spring damage, in addition to bolts can be tightened, the other three cases need to change parts.

5, slow rotation, bearing heat

Reasons and treatment: the usual summer Palace did not keep up, bearing lack of smooth fat, if it is new grease, it is the quality of oil problems or add too full, poor quality oil so that the bearing blocked the maze seal Kasey, so smooth fat mass is very important.

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