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What is the scope of application of precision tubular filters?
Edit:Yanti Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-01-10

Precision Tubular FiltersWhat is the scope of application?

Precision Tubular FiltersWidely used in petrochemical, natural gas, paint, paint, ink, medicine, bioengineering, automotive manufacturing, electronics, electroplating, food, beverages and other fields, is a variety of liquid filtration, clarification, purification treatment of the ideal equipment.

Petrochemical, Chemical Industry: hydrogen peroxide, resin, lubricants, polymers, adhesives, aviation coal and a variety of oil, catalysts, chemical fiber manufacturing process of a variety of fluid purification, chemical intermediates and chemical products separation and recovery;

Oil and gas industry: Gas filling station CNG filtration, amine liquid desulfurization and dewatering agent filtration, natural gas and refinery separation and purification, oilfield water injection, well repair, acidizing liquid filtration;

Paint, paint, ink industry: latex paint, paint raw materials and solvent filtration, printing inks, printing inks and additives;

Pharmaceutical, Bioengineering Industry: Infusion (LVP and SVP) pharmaceutical water, biological products plasma Serum, a variety of pharmaceutical intermediates, pharmaceutical raw materials, solvent filtration, CIP filtration, fermentation tank intake and exhaust gas removal filtration;

Automobile manufacturing Industry: electrophoresis paint, topcoat, ultrafiltration Water, pretreatment fluid, vehicle sprinkler water, engine crankshaft manufacturing coolant, painting industrial gas and painting room gas purification;

Electronics, electroplating Industry: liquid crystal display, lithography machine, optical disc, copper foil, integrated circuit and other microelectronics and electronic products manufacturing process of various chemicals and treatment, electroplating solution, process gas purification and purification between gas filtration;

Food, beverage, wine industry: wine, yellow wine, liquor, beer, fruit wine, sake, juice, tea drinks, soy milk, dairy products, bottled water, edible oil, vinegar, msg and other food additives manufacturing process purification and aseptic treatment.

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