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Brief introduction of main parts of vacuum belt dewatering machine
Edit:Yanti Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-01-10

1. VacuumBelt dewatering Machine: Rack

The rack is a frame made of steel welded with anticorrosive paint, which is connected by bolts or welding. The rack has sufficient strength and stiffness to carry the belt and transport slurry, as well as torque during start-up and operation.

2. VacuumBelt dewatering Machine: Roller Cylinder

Both the active roller and the driven roller are large carbon ladle rollers with the same diameter. The active roller is the transmission roller, which is connected with the drive device, also known as the drive roller. The starting roller is also called a tensioning roller. The tensioning device is arranged on the moving roller to facilitate the correction and tensioning of the belt. The active roller and the driven roller are drum-shaped structures, which can automatically correct the belt.

Filter cloth and belt support roller for small carbon ladle roller, stainless steel roller, carbon steel jacket pp Roller.

VacuumBelt dewatering Machine: Drive Device

The drive device of Vacuum belt dewatering machine is composed of an AC inverter motor and a gearbox. The gearbox is connected to the active roller through a coupling.

3. VacuumBelt dewatering Machine: Filter Cloth

Gypsum slurry under the action of negative pressure through the filter cloth to achieve solid-liquid separation, filter cloth and filter cake detached, after 2 groups of spray tube flushing was reborn. There is a pneumatic correction system when the filter cloth is running. Tensioning is achieved by a gravity tensioning device. The contact surface of the filter cloth and slurry is smooth, and the contact surface with the rubber belt is rough to increase the friction.

4. Vacuum Belt dewatering machine: rubber Belt

Rubber Belt (also known as belt) is the basic support and operation system of filter cloth, rubber belt and filter cloth rely on friction to drive the filter cloth synchronous operation. The rubber belt leaves a groove with equal spacing on the surface perpendicular to the direction of operation. In the belt center by the drain hole through each drain groove, the filter through these holes is inhaled into the vacuum groove. The rubber belt is designed without a skirt, thus eliminating the fatigue damage caused by repeated stretching and shrinkage of the skirt and reducing the drive power.

5. Vacuum Belt dewatering machine: Feeder

It is composed of slurry distribution pipe, diversion plate, flat slab and porous plate, and its function is to distribute the slurry evenly to the filter cloth.

Features of PP (polypropylene) Material:

①. Use temperature-30~120度;

②. Good heat resistance, can be used in 100 degrees for a long time, if there is no external force in 150 degrees also do not deform;

③. In addition to concentrated sulfuric acid concentrated nitric acid, the general acid and alkali medium is very stable.

6. Vacuum Belt dewatering machine: Vacuum box

The vacuum box is made of a vacuum chamber with ultra-polymer polyethylene material and a vacuum cavity of PP material. The friction zone slides on the vacuum chamber, and the two are lubricated and sealed by water. The vacuum cavity is fitted with a large-caliber hose connected to the vacuum tube and then to the gas-liquid separator.

Features of ultra polymer polyethylene material:

①. Wear-resistant plastic crown, 4 times times higher than nylon 66 and PTFE, 6 times times higher than carbon steel;

②. Self-lubricating is equivalent to PTFE, with a friction coefficient of only 0.07-0.11;

③. The head of impact-resistant plastic, whether internal force or external forces are difficult to make it cracking, impact strength is 20 times times that of polyvinyl chloride, muffler effect is very good;

④. The chemical stability is very high, in a certain temperature and concentration range to withstand a variety of corrosive media and organic media role;

⑤. Extremely strong anti-adhesion ability, second only to PTFE;

⑥. Completely hygienic and non-toxic, can be used to contact food and drugs;

⑦. Anti-aging sex, 50 years do not age;

⑧. Thermal deformation temperature is 85 degrees, low temperature resistance is superior, up to 269 degrees.

7. Vacuum Belt dewatering machine: Belt Floating Plate

Belt floating Plate is composed of carbon steel skateboard support and ultra-polymer polyethylene material skateboard, lubrication water through the hole on the skateboard into the skateboard and belt, support and lubrication of rubber belt. Enables the belt to run smoothly under small friction.

8. Vacuum Belt Dewatering machine: correction of filter cloth

The correction system of filter cloth is a pneumatic control system. The system consists of a bezel arm and a pneumatic control valve, an airbag and an deflection roller coated with rubber. The gear arm is always in contact with the filter cloth, by its rotation to control the pneumatic control valve, so that both ends of the airbag at one end of the air, one end of the gas.

The correction of the filter cloth (the reciprocating movement of the filter cloth) is done by the deflection roller, which is installed and fixed at one end of the frame using a self-tuning housing, and the other end of the connection to the airbag automatically moves to correct the deviation of the filter cloth. The limit switch will be installed on both sides of the rack, and when the serious running deviation of the filter cloth will squeeze the limit switch, so that the vacuum belt dewatering machine to stop operation.

9. VacuumBelt dewatering Machine: Rinse

In the process of dehydration, small gypsum particles will clog the filter cloth, and filter cake after the filter cloth to go through both sides of the rinse to achieve the filter cloth regeneration before returning to the place, all the way cleaning tube used to rinse the front of the filter cloth, the other way cleaning tube used to rinse the opposite side of the filter cloth. It is installed at the bottom of the discharge end of the vacuum belt dewatering machine, according to the water pressure and flow rate and the spacing of the nozzle and filter cloth and the injection angle at a certain distance to arrange the nozzle, the nozzle ejection water flow should be fan, adjacent fan spray area should cross overlap.

Gypsum particles will also remain in the groove of the belt, which also needs to be rinsed.

In order to ensure the moisture content and chloride ions of the filter cake, a filter cake cleaning device is provided.