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How precision tubular filters extend the service life of equipment
Edit:Yanti Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-01-10

  Precision Tubular FiltersIs our indispensable purification equipment, but also the maintenance of the best assistant in the environment, the current industrial consumption is also commonly used in the filter. But no matter what kind of equipment, want to make the use of equipment more durable, we need to use effective measures to stop summer Palace, such as: to regularly stop maintenance, regular stop cleaning, regular stop inspection and other measures. Share it for you today,Precision Tubular FiltersHow to extend the service life of equipment Summer Palace ability.

 Precision Tubular FiltersThe parts that are valued are filter chips, which are commonly made of stainless steel. This material filter chip in the use of a period of time will often show the status of impurity accumulation, overnight will affect the efficiency of the equipment. At this time we must do a good job of timely cleaning, we only need to clean the impurities on the chip can be, in addition to the regular check whether the chip can present damage and other conditions. If the filter is found to be damaged, we must promptly stop changing, so capable of preventing the problem of no need to attack.

In addition, there is also a need to pay attention to the pressure of the equipment, when the eyes of the equipment reduced, the flow rate will slowly slow down, the effect of filtering will also be reduced. When encountered in such a situation, the filter is intentionally prompted to pay attention to cleaning and Summer Palace. Filter Stop cleaning time, first of all to change down the filter to put the ash blowing clean, and then use the washing basin with water to invade the bubble, and to quietly scrub. Secondly, the cleaned filter should also be placed in the center of the vent air drying, until the end of the filter cleaning. Finally, before the installation of the filter should be timely check whether there is a breakage, leakage of the situation, check there is no problem before you can stop the device