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Analysis on the working principle of ceramic Filter
Edit:Yanti Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-11-30

Ceramic Filtration MachineThe shape and mechanism are similar to those of disc vacuum filter, but the filter medium of the two is different. Ceramic Filter filter medium is a ceramic filter plate, it has a capillary effect on the microporous, ordinary micropores in the capillary force is greater than the vacuum applied force, so that the microporous has been adhering to the liquid state, so no matter under what conditions, the air will not pass through the ceramic filter plate, Thus, the ceramic filter solid liquid separation energy consumption is low, and the vacuum degree is high.

1. How it works

is based on the principle of the action of capillary pores, through the microporous principle of capillary action to complete the solid-liquid separation. In detail, the use of microporous ceramic plate through the water impermeable characteristics, extraction of ceramic plate cavity vacuum generation and external pressure difference, so that the suspended material in the tank under the action of negative pressure adsorption on the ceramic plate, solid materials because can not pass through the microporous ceramic plate and was intercepted in the appearance of ceramic plate, and the liquid due to the role of vacuum pressure difference and ceramic plate hydrophilicity after entering the gas-liquid distribution installation, and then the external row or circulation application, so as to reach the purpose of solid-liquid separation.

2. Composition

Ceramic Filtration MachineMainly by the roller system, mixing system, the discharge system, vacuum system, leachate discharge system, scraper system, hair flushing system, combined cleaning system, automatic control system, groove body and rack these local components.

3. Common problems

Ceramic Filtration MachineThe common problems and causes are:

Low vacuum: The reason is leakage of vacuum pipeline, vacuum pump circulating water is not enough, vacuum pump impeller wear, distribution head wear, ceramic plate breakage, filter bucket drain valve is not closed and slurry groove material level is low.

Backwash water pressure is low or shaken: The reason for the backwash pipe system infarction or leakage and distribution head wear.

Ultrasonic cleaning when the ceramic plate cleaning is not clean: the reason for the Power box has faults, power insurance burnout, line aging, energy exchange head burnout, ultrasonic box breakdown and slurry groove water level is too low.

Acid pump operation is not normal and backwash water back to the acid bucket: The reason for the acid pump switch has not opened, estrangement wear, frequency is too low, acid pipe and backwash pipe connection of the one-way valve wear.

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