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Main use range of tailings dry drainage process
Edit:Yanti Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-11-08

Tailings Dry rowThe process is mainly used for the concentration and dewatering process of tailings in the dressing plant, reaching the purpose of the tailings dry reactor, thus preventing environmental pollution, and is the implementation of S selection process in green mine.

Tailings Dry rowThe significance is not only to stop the tailings slag dry storage, reduce the harm. It also has one. The great significance is that to assist in the comprehensive application of tailings, ordinary tailings slag contains a large number of useful substances, can be recycled and re-applied. As far as China's current technology is available, 50% of gold tailings are able to be recovered, and there are still a large number of available substances in the recovered tailings, which can be used as consumer building data.

The tailings dry drainage sieve plays a key role in the dry drainage process of long tailings. The dry sieve of long tailings is a kind of vibrating sieve used in the dry row of metal tailings, which separates the characteristics of metal tailings on the original foundation and is specially developed. Mainly used in iron ore, copper, gold, molybdenum ore and other tailings dehydration. The dry drainage process of long tailings is a new type of tailings dewatering equipment designed after abundant demonstration and investigation after many problems existing in the previous tailings dry sieve.

Advantages of tailings dry drainage process:

1, tailings dewatering effect is good

The use of three kinds of patented equipment dehydration in turn: concentrated Hydrocyclone + deep cone Thickener + multi-frequency dewatering sieve, so that. The final concentration of more than 85%, the completion of dry-type emissions.

2, the consumption line operation cost is low

Tailings Dry rowProcess common equipment combination so that equipment investment and civil investment is very small, and long in the patented equipment dehydration effect is good, low energy consumption, the service life is greatly extended, and further reduce the operating cost.

3, the use of equipment life is long

Tailings dry drainage technology used in the equipment lining long wear-resistant rubber, wear-resistant index up to 128%, and can be based on detailed slurry properties to lining different characteristics of rubber, a wide range of application. The entire consumption line life is twice times the general equipment consumption line, greatly reduce manual maintenance, operating costs reduced by at least 2 yuan/ton or more.

Results of tailings dry drainage process

1,. The water content of the final tailings is less than 15%;

2, than the traditional process system frugal cost of 2 yuan/ton or more;

3, the use of life is twice times the traditional technology, low maintenance costs;

4, the application of mines have repeatedly been rated as "Green mine."

Case study of tailings dry drainage process

1, Laizhou a smelter-400 mesh 85% roasting cyanide tail slag, with the tailings dry drainage process, the tailings dry sieve screen products containing water between 13%-14%, reached the dry row request.

2, Inner Mongolia a rare earth mine Nissan tailings 1800 tons, the use of long tailings dry drainage technology, reduce industrial wastewater discharge 738,000 m3/years, tailings water content 14-16%, reached the design purpose.

3, Hainan Iron ore day disposal tailings 1000 tons, tailings fineness-325 mesh More than 85%, the use of this process and equipment to stop the tailings dehydration after the tailings water content 15-17%, reached the intended purpose.