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What precautions are available during the use of solid-liquid separation equipment?
Edit:Yanti Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-12-20

What are the precautions in the application process of solid-liquid separation equipment?

  Solid Liquid Separation Equipmentis a solid, liquid mixing of materials to stop the separation of equipment, in the breeding industry, dregs, chemical residues in the category have a very good application. With regard to solid-liquid separator, the function and operation of the equipment should be explained before operation to stop understanding, so that the ability is more convenient for its work application.

  Solid Liquid Separation EquipmentThe application of motor drive, through the reducer drive drive shaft, the application of spiral winch blade rotation, the production of extrusion action, a large number of moisture in animal faeces in the water through the filter extrusion, so that the faeces in the solid and liquid separation, to reach the "solid" "liquid" separation effect. The machine is widely used in eggs, broiler, quail, meat pigeon, duck and goose and other poultry and pigs, sheep, cattle, rabbits and other livestock manure, as well as distillery, dregs, starch slag, sauce slag, slaughtering plant and other high concentration of organic sewage separation of slag liquid.

The most commonly used is filtration, but also the use of precipitation after the way to draw on the her.

Filter commonly used tools have funnels, in the funnel into the filter data, and then the requirements of the separation of the solid liquid mixture into the funnel can be.

Filter data have filter paper, cotton, gauze and so on, filter paper is divided into fast, medium speed, slow filter paper.

Which data filter is chosen depends on the experiment on the clearance of the filter night, the degree of impurity request. If necessary, can be filtered repeatedly.

The removal of solids from wastewater is generally used as a sieve or precipitation method. The separation methods used in sludge disposal are sludge gravity concentration, sludge flotation or mechanical dehydration of sludge. Water disposal has microfiltration, clearance and deep bed filtration and other methods.

  Solid Liquid Separation EquipmentWith small size, low speed, simple operation, device, maintenance bento, cost saving, high efficiency, fast investment recovery, do not need to add any flocculant and other characteristics; the screw shaft and sieve mesh used in this machine are made of special pump for stainless steel manufacturing, and the original dung manure slag in the manure tank will be elevated to the fecal disposal machine at the same time. The extrusion Helix settled in the sieve net pushes the dehydrated raw dung manure slag forward at a speed of 45 rpm, in which the dry matter is separated from each other by squeezing the solid matter column formed at the mouth of the machine, in which the dung water is filtered out through the sieve mesh and reflux into the conditioning pool.

1, before the initial use, please carefully read the use of elucidation, understand the working principle and safety attention matters;

2, installation, adjustment, maintenance, Summer Palace must be turned off in the power state to stop, to ensure safety;

3, before the use of the machine or long-term deactivation and re-opening, should be based on the use of the product elucidation rules to stop adjustment and Summer Palace, in the application process, regular inspection of electrical control components of the robustness and flexibility. Regularly check the connecting parts, when loosening, timely adjustment.

4, not unauthorized modification, change the transmission system transmission ratio;

5. Teenagers under 16 years of age and those who do not control the use of the machine shall not operate the machine alone;

6, the grounding of the motor shell must be secure;

7, the machine should not be close when working;

8, to prevent electrical moisture, open storage, should rain prevention measures.

The above is the use of solid-liquid separator when the need to pay attention to things, I hope that we can be used in the use of these problems so as not to form mechanical problems or related accidents

1, solid-liquid separator device address, according to the practice of the farm land, it is best to choose a flat air stop device, if you must be installed outdoors, the initiative to build a awning.

2, commissioning, equipment before the use of the need to stop the commissioning, it is certain that the direction of the spiral axis rotation can be correct. There is also a need to stop conditioning the counterweight block to control the humidity of the separator.

3, solid-liquid separator filter Every 15 needs to stop cleaning, in order to ensure the filter effect and extrusion solid low water content.

4, solid-liquid separator in the application process of the needs of regular stop inspection and Summer Palace maintenance, machine activities should be timely participation in smooth oil, in order to make the equipment better operation.

5, solid-liquid separator tail in order to avoid infarction, discharge bento, ordinary use of open-end material, that is, the discharge site does not have a safety protection net, so in the operation of the equipment do not extend the hand into the solid discharge port.

6, solid-liquid separation equipment power will generally use 380V power supply, in the operation process to pay attention to peace, to avoid electric shock.

(1) It is necessary to eliminate the solid waste residue produced by the separator in time. In order to make the separator work continuously, it is necessary to eliminate the separation waste residue produced in time. Because of the large amount of dry matter produced by the separator, the complete use of manual clearing waste residue, Labor's strong is too high, special points in the use of a number of separators at the same time to stop the fecal sewage with solid-liquid separator, ordinary in the separation machine out of the slag mouth to set up a conveyor belt, to reduce the labor intensity of workers.

(2) The feed pipe of the solid-liquid separator should be provided with an overflow pipe. Because the activity of fecal sewage directly affects the separation effect of the separator, in order to improve the separation efficiency, the general design feed quantity needs to be greater than the disposal amount of the separator, increase the activity of fecal sewage, improve the efficiency of disposal, feed pipe must be designed overflow pipe.

The use of manual clearing waste residue, Labor's strong is too high, special points in the use of a number of solid-liquid separator at the same time to stop separation, ordinary in the separation machine out of the slag mouth to set up a conveyor belt, to reduce the separation of waste residue, reducing the labor intensity of workers.

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