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Causes and solutions of blockage of filter cloth of belt dewatering machine
Edit:Yanti Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-01-21

CurrentBelt dewatering MachineIn the domestic use of more and more extensive, belt dewatering machine is gypsum two times dehydration of the important equipment, filter cloth quality resolution of the filtration machine dehydration effect, filter cloth service life is by the type of filter machine, performance, the use of working conditions, disposal temperature and many other elements to the resolution. However, in the process of filter cloth use often presents the phenomenon of infarction, which shortens the service life of the filter cloth, but also seriously affects the filtration effect. So what are the causes of the filter infarction? How to deal with it? Find out together today!

1, the quality of the filter cloth is by its material, preparation process, interface technology and other elements of the resolution. A, polyester data: This data under the acidic conditions of the most ideal choice, high temperature resistance (ph value of 1---9 o'clock with temperature less than 150 degrees), anti-tensile strength vertical and horizontal stability, good wear resistance. B, Polypropylene: acid and alkaline compared to good, (ph 1---13) the use of temperature less than 90 degrees, but the tensile strength is not high. Most foreign filter cloth consumer enterprises do not choose this kind of information. Since the absorption tower comes out of the slurry ordinary ph value between 4-7, the plaster temperature is 70-80 degrees. Czech Silk Special filter cloth using high temperature resistance, good alkali-resistant 100% polyester silk thread to weave flue gas desulfurization filter cloth.

2, weaving process: the international common use of monofilament and compound silk blending and satin weaving process, the advantages of this weaving method is that the appearance of lubrication, the reverse is rough, the size of the front and rear openings are different. The appearance of large holes, small anti-face, so easy to intercept solids, easy to drain, external lubrication makes the appearance of solid cleaning more efficient. Many filter cloth consumer manufacturers of polyester silk thread contains polypropylene, not 100% polyester data, filter cloth by the absorption tower gypsum slurry temperature, ph value, filter cloth easy to show deformation, tear condition.

3, Interface technology: Filter cloth in the connection, the use of the device process, some artificial elements also directly or indirectly affect the use of filter cloth life. 2 reasons for sealing of the mainframe system of the filter machine