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How to deal with the common problems of belt dewatering machine?
Edit:Yanti Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-12-05

Mesh Belt dewatering machine is suitable for small granularity, and can be the thickness of the filter material to more than 3mm, and vacuum under the continuous stop of the filter and boring conditions, can automatically adjust the filter cloth and other advantages, this kind of equipment if the problem should be done, today for you to share it!

OneBelt dewatering MachineBelt Running deviation

Belt running deviation is a common problem of vacuum belt machine, and it is also the most difficult problem to deal with. In order to maintain the system, ordinary will be on both sides of the belt to set the belt running offset sensor. When the belt runs, the sensor sends a signal to DCS, emits a belt running bias alarm signal, the belt gradually deviates from the center, the vacuum degree is obviously increased and the water content of the filter cake increases. When the belt runs to a certain level, for the purpose of maintaining the system, the system will automatically emergency parking. Belt running is ordinary because of the following reasons to form: Belt drive roller and belt tensioning roller problem.

There may be two reasons, one is belt drive roller and belt tensioning roller uneven line; second, belt tensioning roller and belt drive roller is parallel, but there is no alignment, that is, the axis of the roller and vacuum chamber is not vertical. This problem should be noticed when the factory is assembled. If it is in operation, about the first reason, it can be after the stop after the pull diagonal and degree tube or degree meter to determine the adjustment, but to ensure that the position of the drive roller is correct; for the second reason, the need to re-measure the center point, according to the center point to adjust the roller until qualified.

Another reason is that there is a problem with belt docking. This is the most serious problem in belt running, there are two kinds of problems, including oblique connection and horn. Present this problem, in addition to changing the new belt, can not take other measures to eliminate this error. Ordinary in the belt docking, should choose a few more points to stop measurement, to ensure that the belt docking correctly.

TwoBelt dewatering MachineFilter cloth Running Deviation

Filter cloth running deviation is also a common problem of vacuum belt machine. Ordinary belt machine will have filter cloth running offset alarm installation, and there is automatic deviation correction installation. Automatic deviation correction installation is generally made of electric or pneumatic two ways, the start correction installation by the sensor, gas source distributor, conditioning air bag composition. When the filter cloth is deflected, the gas source distributor will allocate tight air to two conditioning airbags according to the direction of the filter cloth deviation, and then adjust the angle of the roller cylinder to reach the role of correcting the direction of the filter cloth. Under normal conditions, the adjusted correction installation can ensure that the filter cloth automatically corrects the deviation. It should be noted here that the filter cloth in the idling, water and air load operation and load operation need to adjust the position and angle of the sensor. If only in the idling or air load operation of the time to adjust the correction installation, will attack the filter cloth run deviation phenomenon, at this time do not need to stop, just need to stop the correction installation can be. It is worth noting that before the filter cloth, all the filter Bhutto rollers should be reviewed to avoid the displacement of the filter Bhutto roller due to transport or other reasons. It is important to ensure the parallelism of the filter Bhutto rollers.

ThreeBelt dewatering MachineLow vacuum level

When this problem is presented, it can be seen in the central control room that the vacuum degree of the whole system is low, and the water content of gypsum filter cake after dehydration is obviously high.

The main reasons for presenting this problem are: first, the vacuum chamber docking at the degumming. Vacuum chamber is generally made of polymer, this data telescopic deformation is very fierce, if not fixed in time or not fixed good, then it is possible to form degumming. In this case, as long as the waiting stop, put down the vacuum chamber to re-replenish and fix each vacuum chamber. Second, the vacuum chamber under the method of LAN connection leaks, which usually have a whistle. When dealing with this problem, the need to stop and drop the vacuum chamber, check the gasket condition, if there is a problem with the gasket to change the gasket, if it is not a gasket problem, then only the leakage of the flange bolts can be tightened. Third, the filter head leakage, only to tighten the leak at the bolt, if there is a problem with the gasket, the need to stop and change the gasket. To prevent vacuum leakage, the demand in the system device, filter cloth device line for vacuum testing. This allows the problem to be kept in place before driving to prevent trouble after driving.