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How to clean up the water in the cavity of the fully automatic feeding centrifuge
Edit:Yanti Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-12-12

How to clean upFully automatic feeding CentrifugeWater in the cavity

    Fully automatic feeding CentrifugeRefrigeration is used during operation, frosting in the centrifugal cavity due to moisture in the air, and frost into water after downtime. Most foreign low-speed large-capacity centrifuges, no drainage holes, centrifugal cavity in the more water accumulation. At this point, the user should remove the rotor himself and clean up the water. When reinstalling the rotor, be sure to install it to avoid accidents.

Aluminium alloys cannot be corroded

    Fully automatic feeding CentrifugeThe rotor is generally made of aluminum alloy, when the strength decreases after corrosion, easy to accident. Aluminum alloy is susceptible to liquid corrosion, after cleaning the application of hair dryer blowing dry, or inverted for a period of time, confirmed dry can be used. Some blood stations import centrifuges, 6 aluminum cups should be 6 plastic bracket did not. The plastic bracket should bleed the bag and avoid putting it directly in the Aluminum Cup. Note that there are no cracks in the test tube. If the test tube (especially the repeated use of the test tube) has cracks, million can not be used, otherwise in the use of the tube rupture will cause the rotor rotation loss of balance, can lead to broken shaft and other malignant accidents.

Fault shaft accident

The rotor is not placed well, or the sample imbalance exceeds the amount is too large, fully automatic discharge centrifuge. Although the modern imported centrifuge has the unbalanced protection, that is, when the unbalance amount exceeds a certain time limit, should automatically power off, so that the centrifuge stops. But in the above case, it is too late, there will be a vicious accident. One of the malignant accidents is the broken shaft, because of the sudden breakage of the shaft in the high-speed rotation, the centrifugal rotor has no support, in the centrifugal cavity in the random collision, can make the centrifuge machine turn 270° angle. At this time, if there are people or equipment next to them, will cause casualties and damage to the equipment accidents.