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Structure of high efficiency thickener
Edit:Yanti Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-11-22

Thickener is widely used in mineral processing plants, mainly for leaching fluid concentration and wastewater treatment, such as the need for solid-liquid separation process. Compared with ordinary thickener, the high efficiency thickener has obvious advantages, it covers a small area, consumes less power and vulnerable parts, has large processing capacity, high concentration efficiency, and its increasing high diameter ratio makes fine grain slurry have the necessary residence time in the machine, and the feed in the sedimentary layer ensures that the fine particles are captured by the sedimentary layer, The application of polymer flocculant strengthens the effect of slurry condensation, thus producing more clear overflow water and thicker bottom flow. The high efficiency Thickener solid liquid separation is complete, so that the gold energy in the slurry is completely discharged with your liquid, so the washing effect is very good.

High efficiency thickening MachineStructure

How the Thickener works: After mixing the density machine with the flocculant, through the center vertical cylinder into the thickener, by the feed shaft outlet end of the guide plate, the slurry from the feed vertical cylinder to the surrounding, so that the slurry spread to the surrounding, into the pre-formed mud layer, and the material at the same time into the flocculant to form a mud layer, and precipitated to the bottom of the The liquid rises through the sinking layer, and the mud layer acts as a filter, so that the fine grains cannot rise; the slurry produces movement in the sinking layer, allowing the particles to come into contact with the flocculant and continue to produce flocculation; The rake pushes the dense slurry into the central mud-slag hood and then drains it by gravity or pump.

High efficiency thickening MachineFrom the sedimentation layer under the interface of the horizontal ore, in the lower end of the feed vertical cylinder installed a diffusion plate, forcing the slurry along the horizontal direction to spread around, to avoid impact of the mud layer, has been flocculation of large particles down, the liquid through the sediment layer rise, the mud layer has a filtration effect, so that fine particles can not rise with the liquid,

High efficiency thickening MachineStructure: The structure of the groove body of the high efficiency thickener and the Viper of the emulsion drive part of the rake frame are roughly the same as that of the ordinary thickener. The main reason for its high concentration efficiency lies in a special ore-giving cylinder. There are three kinds of high efficiency thickener commonly used abroad: that is, the Ames (einco-bsp) type, Doyle-Oliver (Dorr-oliver) type and Enviro (Enviro-cldar) type. The ore cylinders are separated into three vertical mechanical mixing chambers and are concentric with the center vertical axis of the dense machine. The slurry is given into the exhaust system, the air brought in is discharged, and then through the pipe into the mixing chamber, with the Flocculant fully mixed, and then through the lower part of the mixing chamber is radially distributed to the ore pipe directly to the middle and upper parts of the sand layer. After the liquid is filtered by the sunken sand layer, it rises into an overflow, while the floccules remain in the sediment layer and enter the bottom flow.