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Selection method of rubber Belt horizontal vacuum filter
Edit:Yanti Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-01-02

With the development of the period, our quality of life is also progressing rapidly. The quality request of this product is also higher due to the belt vacuum filter, and the consumer's request to the equipment is higher. Separation equipment has been born successively. In particular, the application of filters has become more and more common, the technology is more advanced, but because of the wide variety of filters. Example: Vibration slag filter, plate and frame filter, cardboard filter, bag filter, cylindrical filter, centrifugal filter,Rubber Belt Horizontal Vacuum filterAnd so on, attracted a lot of users about the filter selection problem, very confused.

First of all, select the filter should think about the filter elements.

Factors affecting the selection of filters: material filtration StatusRubber Belt Horizontal Vacuum filterTemperature and viscosity, physical and chemical properties, unit time disposal, filter cake moisture content, solids in the leachate, filter cake washing level and so on.

Vibration slag discharge filter and plate frame type filter machine comparative advantages:

1, mechanical slag discharge; 2, stainless steel filter plate; 3., accounting for small air accumulation; 4, good sealing, energy saving and environmental protection.

Application conditions of vibration slag discharge filter:

1, Slag content<>

2, the activity of the liquid: viscosity<>

3, working environment: first, temperature, ordinary in 80-150 ℃ or so is the most suitable (mainly to see the activity of liquids). The second is corrosive, acid and alkali corrosion request material high some filter plate using 316L stainless steel; solvent oil corrosion on its seal material request is higher, the common use of polyvinylidene fluoride.

4, the nature of slag: mainly the specific gravity and particle size, to choose the accuracy of the filter plate.

Bag filter is generally a vibration slag discharge filter or plate frame filter auxiliary equipment, to further ensure that its filtration accuracy is up to standard. Also for low viscosity, solid content does not exceed 0.01. Simple also called maintenance filter.

Cardboard and cylindrical filters are mainly for high precision, ultra-fine trace slag removal.

Vibration Slag Discharge Filter auxiliary accessories have gear pump, air pump, pneumatic butterfly valve and so on. The model of the gear pump directly affects the filter flow, the pressure of the air pump to control the dry and wet and thickness of the filter cake and the bulky slag discharge. Pneumatic butterfly valve is mainly pneumatic switch, closed, unloading effect.

Among them, the purification of filter cake can, repeated flushing, pressurized filtration.

Vibration slag Discharge Filter Two parallel can complete continuous operation, but also can set up PLC control system, which is related to the choice of filter.

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