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Five points to be aware of when using mobile disc filters on a daily basis
Edit:Yanti Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-01-10

1th:Mobile Disc FilterThe product stops working under the condition that the filter plate is less than the regular quantity, so as not to damage the machine parts of the filter equipment. Before feeding check the arrangement of the filter plate distribution, all filter cloth can not have folding phenomenon, to avoid seizures of large leakage; After unloading the filter plate must be close to the pressure to arrange a uniform.

2nd:Mobile Disc FilterIn the commissioning of normal feed working conditions, the start of the operation before the whole machine to do a comprehensive inspection. In the mechanical compaction transmission parts and gearbox must be sufficient smooth oil; in the hydraulic compaction review tank oil storage volume and hydraulic station working pressure, hydraulic oil is normal every year to change once, change must be the hydraulic system-the second comprehensive cleaning, filter hydraulic station working pressure is less than the cylinder higher working pressure, But the minimum must not be lower than the filter pressure allowable value, too small will provoke the filter larger leakage, too large will damage the filter machine parts.

3rd: StayMobile Disc FilterAll normal front can press the filter plate pressurized filtration, filter filter pressure and filter filter temperature must be within the rules range, filter pressure too high will provoke the leakage of equipment, filter temperature through the high plastic filter plate easy to deform, when feeding suspension to the average concentration. Do not have any mixed objects; After unloading the filter cloth and filter plate must be rinsed clean, must not allow the residue paste in the sealing surface or feed channel, otherwise it will affect the filter feed smooth and filter plate sealing, so as to cause the pressure on both sides of the filter plate uneven, resulting in deformation damage of the filter plate.

4th: The choice of filter cloth must be in line with the filter blade filtration technology request, the new filter cloth should be shrunk before manufacture, the opening diameter should be less than the filter plate aperture, supporting the filter plate when the Buchon and plate holes should be relatively concentric, feed hole cloth should be fastened to the cylinder wall, otherwise it will form, filter is not clear, the filtration rate is low, the cloth cylinder break, can not reach the expected filtration purpose results. 5th: Cast iron Filter in the early stage of pressure filtration, filtering is cloudy, when the filter cloth constitutes a layer of filter cake after the filter will become clear. If the filter is constantly cloudy or mixed, it may be damaged filter cloth or buchon and plate hole bias, at this time to close the valve or stop the feed change filter cloth.