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How to maintain rubber belt pressing machine in use
Edit:Yanti Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-01-08

Rubber Belt Pressing machineIn addition to being used in food production, it is also an indispensable equipment in our lives.Rubber Belt Pressing machineYou can squeeze some vegetables and fruit and get the juice. Home press is relatively small, and easy to use, according to their own taste to choose the squeezed fruit, so that the fruit juice is also more healthy and hygienic. ForRubber Belt Pressing machineoperation, in addition to the correct use, but also the regular maintenance.

1, before use, the equipment and material contact parts should be cleaned with a cleaning solution.

2, the press near the end of the need for downtime, do not directly stop the operation of the machine. First, the pressure of the hydraulic system should be reduced so that the material residue after pressing and dehydration will push away the forced door at the end of the sieve bucket, or the forced door will be raised by manual operation, and the machine can continue to operate for a period of time until the material residue in the sieve bucket cannot continue to drain the forced door, then the residual material residue in the

3, the machine in the process of operation to avoid its pressure is too large, otherwise it will lead to sudden stop of the machine or the rupture of the sieve bucket and other faults.

4, hydraulic system oil temperature can not exceed 60 ℃. Due to the high pressure of the hydraulic pump, the temperature rise is faster, it is recommended that the oil pump high pressure continuous operation does not exceed 30 minutes. The temperature rise of each bearing in the transmission system shall not exceed 40 ℃ of room temperature.

5, the machine in the process of operation do not let sharp, hard objects and metal things into the body, they will damage the parts of the body, affect the normal operation of the machine, can be pressed before the material to pick out.

After using the press, it is necessary to clean the residue in the press, wipe it dry and then place it, because the juice contains a certain amount of sugar, and press squeezing juice, there will be some juice residue, if the press is not clean and clean, it is easy to attract some small bugs, not only that, The acid contained in the juice will also corrode the metal in the press in the morning, and maintaining the press is a link that cannot be ignored.