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Tailings Dry row
Tailings Dry row
Tailings Dry row The technology of tailings dry drainage filling goaf is used to solve the problem of environmental pollution, safety hidden danger and large amount of land caused by the traditional tailings discharge tailings....

Analysis on the present situation of tailings in China:

As of 2007, the total amount of tailings accumulation in the country has reached 8.046 billion tons, in 2007 alone, has been discharged 1 billion tons. The large amount of tailings storage has brought many problems to the country's resources, environment, security and land. However, there is great pressure and great potential for development and utilization.

At present, the problem of comprehensive utilization of tailings in China exists, the utilization rate of tailings is low, many areas still lack the proper consciousness of dry drainage treatment for tailings, the consciousness of tailings pollution prevention and control is thin, which hinders the effective development of related pollution control work, and the technical input of tailings dry drainage treatment is insufficient.

Tailings Dry Row Advantages:

1. UseTailings Dry rowFilling Goaf technology solves the problem of environmental pollution, safety hidden danger and large land occupation caused by the traditional tailings discharge tailings.

2. After the tailings are concentrated and dehydrated, dry discharge can not only save the construction cost and routine maintenance cost of the traditional tailings depot, but also make full use of the self-flowing backwater, and can also greatly save the floor area and eliminate the safety hidden danger of the tailings reservoir. In addition, in the process of mine production, to eliminate the hidden danger of goaf, save safety Investment, reclamation of geomorphological restoration, save funds for environmental control, conducive to geological environmental protection, to achieve waste replacement.

3. The equipment, technology and technology used in the dry drainage process of tailings are innovative, which opens up a brand-new way for the comprehensive treatment of tailings stacking and goaf.

4. Low investment and high efficiency. After calculation, the use of tailings dry drainage filling goaf process, saving fixed assets investment, saving security management funds, ecological environment management funds, energy conservation and emission reduction and tailings reservoir maintenance costs.

Tailings dry Drainage Process diagram: